Historical Conference

GHD Ubbo Emmius


Het Kasteel 

Melkweg 1, Groningen

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Of course there is no better location to discuss this year’s interesting theme than ‘Hét Kasteel’. This astonishing building is located just outside the city center which makes it very accessible by bus or by bike and is only a 15 minute walk from the train station. ‘Hét Kasteel’, formerly known as the ‘Mineralogisch Geologisch Instituut’ was build in 1901 and was meant to facilitate the Department of Geology. The architect of ‘Hét Kasteel’ was Jacobus van Lokhorst, an architect at the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Affairs.

From pillars and pointed arch windows to the beautiful stained glass, the neo-Gothic style reflects in many facets of this impressive building. Because of its imposing appearance, the building is very recognisable and has become a household name in Groningen. The main entrance of ‘Hét Kasteel’ is a massive wooden door, decorated with a stone frame. One can even notice the Latin sayings, carved in stone above the entrance.

‘Hét Kasteel’ is not only known for its architectural beauty. It is perhaps even better known for its notorious residents. The building was for a short period of time the home of former university employee and a well-known Dutch author W.F. Hermans. Furthermore, legend says that the decorated artist M.C. Escher has used the construction as an inspiration for his famous work Trappenhuis.

During the conference, the plenary lectures will be held in the old ‘Museumzaal’ which used to be an actual museum for the Department of Geology. Throughout the day, we have reserved three fine rooms where the workshops will be organized. The conference would not be complete without its catering, which will be provided by ‘Hét Kasteel’ and will not only consist of rustic sandwiches.

Red: Het Kasteel

Blue: Central Station Groningen

Green: University of Groningen