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Chairman of the day: Prof.dr. Oliver Moore

Oliver Moore is professor of Chinese Language and Culture at the University of Groningen. He studied at the universities of London, Cambridge and Fudan (Shanghai), taught at the universities of Leiden and Kyoto, and curated collections of Chinese art and material culture at the British Museum and the Dutch National Museum of Ethnology.

He is the author of Rituals of Recruitment in Tang China (2004), a social history of early Chinese civil service examinations, as well as essays on early and modern Chinese art, science and society.

His current project, Photography in China: Science, Commerce and Communication, a study of photography’s early concepts and reception in China, is forthcoming with Bloomsbury.

From left: 

Dian Hulsebosch, Bouke de Jager, Henry Martin, David Swart, Jan Willem Leeuwma

The conference committee

The study association GHD UBBO Emmius proudly presents it’s 2018-2019 conference committee. This committee is each year tasked in organising a historical conference.

In the preceding years, numerous topics have been brought to light such as Populism & Calvinism. This year, we proudly present to you with enthusiasm the topic; Continuity & Discontinuity in Chinese History.

The conference committee is made up out of 5 members; Henry Martin (Chairman), Bouke de Jager (Vice-chairman), Jan Willem Leeuwma (Treasurer), David Swart (Secretary) and Dian Hulsebosch (Public Relations). Each of our members in the last year has been putting in the work to organising this conference.

The members of the committee are before, during and after the conference the point of contact for all questions and feedback. 

GHD Ubbo Emmius

The Groninger Historisch Dispuut (GHD) Ubbo Emmius was founded in 1936. It is the study association for students of history at the University of Groningen.

During the academic year, we organise a number of activities, varying from a Historical conference, several lectures and excursions, to parties, small get-togethers and theatre performances.